Is this open to any player from any club?

Limited to players who compete on 3 STEP clubs

How does my son/daughter make a Nations Best team?

Teams for the classes of 2031-2028 classes will be picked at the conclusion of our National Training Camps. All 3 STEP players can apply to attend our camps and our Nations Best staff will be sending invites after our review process.

High School Nations Best teams are hand selected.

What does it mean if my son/daughter makes one of the Nations Best teams?

He/she will be added to one of our rosters and given the chance to attend one or more of our national events in the upcoming year.

Will Nations Best events conflict with our regional team?

No. All Nations Best events will be scheduled around non-traditional club seasons in hope of avoiding conflicts

Is there an additional cost associated with Nations Best?

Yes. All players invited to National Training Camp will be responsible for travel and associated fees and in the event that they make a Nations Best team, there will be an additional fee associated with it.

Will my son/daughter receive a uniform?

Yes. All players who make a Nations Best team will receive a New Balance gear package and lifestyle package.

What do I do if my son/daughter cannot make one of these National Training Camps?

Please contact your market/club director so that they are aware, and if we run a supplemental tryout we will make sure they are given the chance.

What events will the Nations Best teams go to?

As the event landscape changes and continues to evolve we will constantly be monitoring this; but we will be looking to attend top events that not only challenge our players but also provide a fair and level landscape in the national space.